Wishsoup - Manage your goals and wishes, achieve your dreams with the help of Facebook

WishSoup is an innovative life planning tool, which combines a wish list, unique organizing gadgets and an unbeatable networking power of Facebook.


Facebook is great when you need help. Just put a word out and anyone from your friends to people you don’t know at all will gladly offer advice, encouragement and critique.

The problem is – it’s nearly impossible to store, organize or find this information in the future. WishSoup offers you that ability! Just make a wish and set off a chain reaction throughout your Facebook network, which will bring you the needed help, put you in touch with the right people, and make your wish come true!

Add a Wish to your list

  • add a picture and a note for inspiration
  • set wish privacy
  • invite friends to collaborate

Ask for Advice

  • ask specific people
  • or just post on your timeline

Organize and plan

  • find and save useful information, tips, links and steps to achieving this wish
  • break your wish down on smaller tasks and track them
  • make it a New Year resolution
  • receive replies to your questions, save and organize them in one place
  • make an items private, if needed
  • share information between a chosen group of friends
  • maintain a progress journal


  • find inspiration for the future
  • meet new like-minded friends
  • help others - improve your Karma

Achieve your wish

  • share your success

Things to know about us:

  • You have a full control over your privacy – make your wish public, friends only, private, visible only to a few friends, or hidden from specific people. All Facebook posts for this wish will follow your privacy setting (or stricter, if that's your default for the app). You can also hide your identity from non-friends, but still receive help from everyone on an anonymous basis.
  • We hate spam! You will not receive a single email from us unless you have asked for it!
  • We will not sell, share or use in any intrusive or privacy violating way your personal information!
  • No annoying, irrelevant ads, we promise!
  • WishSoup is a work in progress. We do this because we want to create a product we would love to use. We want you to love it too! So give us feedback, we will consider all feature requests and suggestions!